Interplanetary Criminal & Chris Geschwindner – Saucer

In the past few days we’ve been right again – maybe because of the high temperatures Den Netlabel-Day we sweated a lot this year, but a few weeks later we’re happy about the great tracks that came out on the occasion of this day in July. Yarn Audio is well known to us as a Berlin label that releases high quality electronic releases under the Creative Commons license. But with their last release they made us especially happy. It’s really rare that in the incredibly big, wide, confusing world of CC releases you happen to meet someone who comes from the same city and whose work you’ve been following with interest for a while. With Interplanetary Criminal the Yarn Audio 15 not only focuses on an interesting young producer from Leeds, but also includes a rework of Chris Geschwindner, who has appeared several times in town with his live sets, but also with an upcoming release on the young Dora Brilliant label. Like everything we have heard from Chris so far, his remix of Saucers is a really round production. Both tracks can be downloaded in higher quality from Bandcamp or from Internet Archive.

Sp.ace and Panikowsky – Bounty Hunter feat. Concrete Cee

Sp.ace and Panikowsky_-_10_-_ Feeling – Low feat. Sofia Deville

Lizenz: CC BY 4.0