Galapaghost – Bedtime / Sootie

Wow. It’s been an eternity since we wrote anything here. Years have passed since I last wrote a short album review at this point. Time flies when you have fun with other things. Or better said. Time flies… Months have passed just by thinking about which article to use to breathe life back into the little old blog. Should ir relaunch with something large, an interview for example? Or rather look back a little, for example by covering a band or artists who have already been a topic in the past. Do you rather look ahead and start with a completely new topic?

As is so often the case, when you ponder something forever, the definite decision is made spontaneously and absolutely out of your gut. Today I had a promo with Galapaghost’s current album “Sootie”, which was released in August 2018, in my mailbox. Besides my weakness for small, silly puns, the video to the track “Bedtime” enchanted me. Lo-fi, DIY and simply charming. And also otherwise Galapaghost aka Casey from Austin, Texas, is an artist fitting perfectly into our booty theme. He produces his releases completely independently, without the support of a label or management. All the better that the album found its way across the pond. We really liked his relaxed productions, which combine Lo-Fi-electronics with Indie-Rock. And also the first lines of “Bedtime” speak from my heart, now that in autumn the gravitational forces of the home couch seem to become stronger and stronger.

Go on and have fun with your friends on the weekend
Don’t stay home all alone with your feelings