Loveshadow – Triology 2 & 3

CC Mixter is an interesting platform. Since all effects, samples and parts are intended for further processing, new and interesting tracks blossom out of old samples. At the same time one has the feeling that those who actively produce and release tracks there have a certain musical openness in common. We recently came across Loveshadow via Black Sweater White Cat. The piece His Kiss published there had so much pop appeal that we were a bit surprised. As it turned out, a vocal of Snowflake was used, undoubtedly one of the best known names and mostly remixed artists of the platform. Jeff Grant aka Loveshadow actually produces within a wide musical spectrum, but an affinity to very harmonic and soulful vocals seems to be his own. At the same time we have chosen two tracks from the past year, each with elements from dystopian science fiction films in the title and sound extremely exciting in our ears due to the strong use of speech samples.

Loveshadow – Triology 2 Stalker

Loveshadow – Triology 3 Skynet

Musik: CC BY-NC, Foto: Simon & His Camera, CC BY-ND