The Rabbit Theory – All Close / Where’s Your Delorean Now?

I wanted to write this article many years ago. The idea hasn’t matured in me for over ten years – it must have been that long ago that I had seen The Rabbit Theory live here – but certainly for about four years. At that time I discovered the copyleft note on the back of the cover of this first CD-R release of the band while entering the EP into the database of Discogs, connected with the call to burn and distribute the album. The EP with the title “Reflections On Good Behaviour” is from the year 2006. The reference to burning seems to have fallen out of time accordingly. Not fallen out of time at all is the sound the band from Zurich presents on this DIY debut. Classical post-rock and post-punk with long instrumental passages.

But it’s no coincidence that their music sounds so polished. The members of The Rabbit Theory have been playing together in different constellations and projects since the 90s. All the more I was happy that the history of TRT is apparently far from over. Also in the past years the band has continued to release. Altogether there are now three vinyl albums and several EPs in their release catalogue. What’s particularly nice is that they have also remained true to their attitude towards access to their music and open licenses. Their first two longplayers “Thanks, But No Thanks” from 2007 and their follow-up album “Save / Cancel” from 2008 are both released under a Creative Commons license and available for download in the Internet Archive at the link below. TRT really have it up their sleeves – in theory as well as in practice.

The Rabbit Theory – All Close

The Rabbit Theory – Where’s Your Delorean Now?

Music: Copyleft by The Rabitt Theory and Quite Records Switzerland. Photo: “Walking with Rabbits” by
Vincent Anderlucci under CC BY 2.0