Martinibomb – Dizzy Ke Peeche / Rise Of The Idiots

Yes, we were more active already. True, the tracks we posted were also more current. But: the weather was already worse and Martinibomb is one of those artists about whom we don’t have much to report, but whose tracks we only recently discovered and learned to love. The album “A Girl’s Bike” has already been released in December 2012. Only a few weeks ago, however, we became aware of it via a blog post on Black Sweater, White Cat. When the Indian “Dizzy Ke Peeche” with the Beatles quote suddenly roared from the headphones during sports, I couldn’t resist a grin and in fact the whole unit went really well. All in all, the Portland-born Martinibomb presented “A Girl’s Bike”, a really diversified album, which is available as ‘Name Your Price’ on Bandcamp.

Martinibomb – Dizzy Ke Peeche (Extended Version)

Martinibomb – Rise Of The Idiots

Music license CC BY-NC-ND