The Polish Ambassador feat. Beastie Boys & Jay Z – Homeboys In Outerspace Episode 2

The Polish Ambassador is already an exception among artists who make their work available under Creative Commons licenses and as free downloads. The enormous number of followers of the Californian in the Social Networks already suggests this. In fact, his productions, which have created their very own niche somewhere between EDM and micro-music, also have an unmistakable signature. Always very close to the Käseberg, without ever really stepping into the Cheesy potty. Sometimes he seems to me a bit like the Daft Punk of the free scene. Apart from the quite existing similarities in terms of sound, both have a similar tendency towards costuming. The Polish Ambassador was already a topic here in the blog and will surely be again soon. Instead of talking about one of his current albums, today I want to talk about one of his absolutely extraordinary remix works, which was released two years ago, but only a few months ago it was added to the Free Music Archive. On the Episode 2 of Homeboys in Outerspace he takes pieces of the Beasty Boys, Jay Z, Rye Rye or Dead Prez and warped and mashed the originals to complete unrecognizability in his futuristic dance style. The result are totally new interpretations, which have their own charm. Equally great is the previous EP with the same concept, where songs by for example The Roots, Large Professor and Outcast were shot by the Ambassador Wolf. It takes a lot of courage and humour to approach the versions that way. But in my opinion The Polish Ambassador has plenty of both.

The Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

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Music license: CC BY-NC-SA