Mounika – Born To Be Beats

Downtempo hip-hop beats? Cuts, samples and loops? And a good portion of soulfullness as well? Maybe a really nice cover artwork by Sammy Gandin and Matthias Goulard? Well, we’re going for five key stimuli and the Beatmakers Mounika from Poitiers at ‘Born To Beats‘ skillfully put together to an album that is really round from intro to finale. There is not much more to add from our side. We bow our heads in deep reverence, say thank you for the lesson and strongly advise you to download the complete work for example via Which we also notice: Again a Dusted Wax Kingdom that turns our heads. This could be love!

Mounika – What You Wanna Do

Mounika – MyBabyLuv

Music license: CC BY-NC-ND