Waffensupermarkt feat. Aanya – Non Professional Dancer incl. Assuc Mix

We had already reported about the constant production output of the Waffensupermarkt. Recently Guido Braun, the head behind the project, took us on a several hour journey back in time to the venues and scene meeting points of Frankfurt and Offenbach of the 80s, which actually gave us a deeper insight and a better understanding of the origin of his sound. We would like to report about this time travel in detail soon at another place. The sound of the weapon supermarket has a new twist recently due to the cooperation with Aanya, active for many years as a DJ in Frankfurt. Through their vocals the productions get a completely new twist and stronger references to the electroclash of the noughties. For the single “Electricity“, for which remixes have been produced in the meantime, a strong video was released. The track “Non-Professional Dancer“, an equally exciting number, is available as a free download.

WSM feat. Aanya – Non Professional Dancer

WSM feat. Aanya – Non Professional Dancer (Assuc Remix)</a >