Sp.Ace & Panikowsky – Bounty Hunter feat. Concrete Cee / Feeling Low feat. Sofia Deville

In the past few days we’ve been busy with trip hop again – maybe because of the high temperatures. And space, its endless vastness and its very earthly effects and inspirations from Space Rock to Cosmic Disco are a topic we are always interested in anyway. About the two artists Sp.Ace & Panikowsky, who recently released the album Space Panic on Dusted Wax Kingdom together, we really don’t know much. They both come from Latvia, a country where more than twenty years ago the Day of Cosmonautics was celebrated and more than 5 years ago a enormal meteorite impact was staged. For their really very relaxed collaboration they have brought several vocal-featurings into their house. Finally Space Panik is a chilly downtempo album, with trip to hip hop influences, that I can imagine really well in the tape deck of a somewhat rocked down space glider, which is cruising through a small (real) meteorite field at reduced speed. The album is interesting even if you are not a space glider pilot. It can be downloaded directly from label page or from CC-Trax. The sky is not the limit. Space is the place! Apropos Space. Also a nice musical page on the topic: 2001 – A Space Song Odyssey.

Sp.ace and Panikowsky – Bounty Hunter feat. Concrete Cee

Sp.ace and Panikowsky – Feeling Low feat. Sofia Deville</a >