About EUH

This blog began in October 2008, as an accompanying blog to the event magazine “X Wie Raus”, which is broadcast daily from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Radio X, Frankfurt (91.8FM). In addition to the honorary operation of the show, to operate a daily updated blog, which would do justice to the format of the show, turned out to be extremely time-consuming.

For this reason, the blog was detached from the programme in July 2009 and continued as a private blog by editorial member Marc Rodrigues together with Martin Krolikowski of the Ruffm Crew. There will be little change in the content of the blog, which will continue to post concerts, parties and events mainly in off-spaces and from the underground. However, the volume of contributions and the regularity of updates has been reduced.

Over the years, the blog has changed more and more away from pure event announcements to a music blog that features acts from the region as well as exciting, emerging international artists. Since September 2010 the blog is also listed on Hype Machine. More recently, due to our increased interest in the music and photos released under Creative Commons, we have also moved to the forefront. In October 2012, the blog was relaunched with a completely new layout after we had been less active months earlier.